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In case you didn't know...

We've been fortunate to be named BEST donut in Nashville, editors choice by Nashville Scene and top Hot Dog in Tennessee by Readers Digest to name a few. We've been featured on...

Good Morning America

Reader's Digest

Today In Nashville


and much more


The Donut + Dog…

is a family-owned, artisanal donut and craft hot dog restaurant that focuses on hand-made, small-batch food/drink, rotating based on seasonality. We use nothing but the highest quality ingredients and make everything in house! Naturally, we don’t use any artificial ingredients. If we wouldn’t serve it to our own family, we definitely wouldn’t serve it to yours! 

So why Donuts + Hot Dogs together - why not! It is an assortment of sweet and savory items that pair perfectly… not only together but with beer and champagne.

All of our brioche donuts take 20hrs just to make the dough alone. The finished product is light, yet rich and deep with tons of flavor… basically fluffy pillows of goodness packed with protein.

We also carry brioche into our hotdog buns, which are light and crisp to the bite. They compliment the snap of the dog, pairing beautifully. Hand wrapped with bacon and sourced mainly from local farms.

Add an egg to your dog… or upgrade your side to truffle fries or chips, authentic Mexican street corn, chicharrones, pretzel bites and much more. Making your combinations endless.

Organic Coffee? Yep, we've got you covered to! We serve the BEST Coffee in Nashville but don't take our word for it... ask our guests. Our coffee menu consists of seasonal flavors and favorites like the acclaimed Smoked Caramel Latte.

We’ve worked incredibly hard and poured every ounce of heart and passion we have into pushing the boundaries of what a 'donut' and ‘hot dog’ is, to make sure we’re not only the BEST in Nashville’s, but BEST in the nation. We’re kind of obsessed!




Nashville TN

Located in Hillsboro Village


2127 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN 37212


Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday


Friday & Saturday


Coming soon…

Meridian ID

located in the Village at Meridian




Coming 2020

Nashville, TN

located Downtown Fifth + Broadway



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You want donuts?

We’ve got Donuts!

• Pickup or local delivery available

• Minimum order for certain flavors

• 48 hours minimum notice

• Yes, we offer custom donuts (sizes, shapes, flavors)


You want hotdogs?

We’ve got them! Plus much more savory items…

A few highlights...
• Pickup or local delivery available

• 24 hours minimum notice

• Yes, we offer custom set ups and sampler trays


Let’s start by saying thank you for considering us for your wedding or private event - we’re humbled! We’ve had the opportunity to cater hundreds of weddings and events all over Nashville Tennessee, each of them with their own unique touch.


All of our award winning 20hr Brioche donuts are available to order. Most folks go with minis as they’re more manageable as a dessert option, but it’s totally up to you! You can choose from any of our menus, or customize your own options. Donut towers and walls are also available for weddings/special occasions. .


All of our award winning hotdogs and savory sides are available to order. You can choose any from of our menus, or customize your own options. Sampler trays are also available for events/meetings/special occasions.


Ability to cater almost any type of event! The most popular choice is weddings, but we’ve also done corporate functions, meetings, baby showers, birthdays, cocktail parties, and anniversary parties… you name it!


Delivery and setup is available, and the delivery fee is contingent upon distance traveled, so please inquire for more details!


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